Lubricating fluids, preservatives

Safecote CLV

A water-based coating that provides environmentally safe corrosion protection for ferrous metals during storage and transportation. Low VOC protects metal surfaces by depositing a hard, waxy coating.

Safecote CF

Metal protection: steel, cast iron, iron alloys.

A mixture of inhibitors, emulsifiers and surfactants designed to deposit a soft oily film from a water emulsion system for the protection of ferrous metal surfaces. Excellent protection against high humidity and salt spray.

Nox-Rust 1100

Lubricating oil and corrosion preventive for the protection of metals in closed systems. Prevents rust caused by condensation build-up inside equipment during placement and preservation. No removal required. Ready to use straight from the bucket or keg.

Nox-Rust 1101

It is used in closed systems where there is a combination of metals. Petroleum-based Nox-Rust 1101 can be used with full strength in ferrous and non-ferrous metal systems. Can be used on fuel tanks, gearbox housings, storage tanks, clutch compartments, crankcases, transmissions. Corrosion protection lasts up to 1 year. Sold in buckets, barrels and aerosol cans.

Nox-Rust 1200 DC

Metal protection: Steel and other metals in closed systems; compatible with copper, brass.

Environmentally safe silica-free aqueous solution for closed systems. Apply water-soluble liquid by mist or spray. The silica-free liquid leaves no residue. Does not contain phosphates, heavy metals and nitrites. Protects equipment and piping systems that must be hydrostatically tested before shipping or storage. No special surface preparation is required before stopping the equipment. The clear, odorless liquid usually does not need to be removed before restarting the equipment.

Nox-Rust 9800

Nox-Rust 9800 VCI water-soluble liquid is intended for spraying or misting in confined spaces such as turbines, pipes and tanks. The clear, amber liquid absorbs moisture, removes fingerprints and is ready to use. Provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and oxidation of steel, iron, zinc and aluminum. Removal is not necessary.

Nox-Rust 4101

Metal protection: Outdoor storage and transport protection for steel, zinc.

Protects in areas where there are acid fumes. Prevents the formation of corrosion on steel parts and equipment stored in humid conditions. It doesn’t stain. Remove with petroleum solvent, caustic cleaner, steam.