VCI Liquids for removing and protection of corrosion

Sell Correct Ltd. offers a full range of VCI fluids, corrosion protection chemicals, oils and coatings, including Nox-Rust®, to prevent rust on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts at all stages of their life cycle – by during production use storage, export, warehousing and preservation. Nox-Rust and anti-rust fluids can be sprayed or misted into hard-to-reach areas using normal industrial application equipment.


  • Closed systems (boilers, tanks, pipelines)
  • Detergent
  • Unpainted metal parts
  • Seasonal storage (snowmobiles, lawn mowers, recreational equipment)
  • Lubricants for metal processing

For placing and preserving engines in:

  • Power generation
  • Machines
  • Probing, exploration
  • Rail components
  • Sea
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Motorcycles
  • Choosing the right

Nox-Rust fluid depends on a number of conditions:

  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Duration of use
  • Type of metal to protect
  • Application method
  • Removal